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Open 365 Days a Year
7 am - 10 pm

For hundreds of years, people have used these natural hot springs for health purposes, easing such conditions as Arthritis, Rheumatism, Skin and Stomach Disorders, and a wide variety of muscle and joint ailments. These waters are wonderfully relaxing and a great aid in easing tension & fatigue.

The chemistry of these waters has frequently been praised and often compared to Baden-Baden, the famous spa in Germany. We like to say that the waters of Baden-Baden are almost, but not quite, as good as these.


All 3 pools are proudly drained and cleaned every single night, then refilled with the finest natural hot mineral water to be found anywhere in the world. We do not add chemicals of any kind to what is already the best water nature has to offer.

Thanks to a high concentration of Sulphur along with Magnesium and Lithium, these are the cleanest hot springs you will ever come across. Some even drink the water claiming it has curative properties for stomach ailments. But the water also serves another and more practical need and that is heating the adjoining Motel. Pumped up from a 35-foot-deep well, the 130-degree water circulates throughout the hotel complex, losing about 8 to 10 degrees in the process. After its circuitous route through a plumber's nightmare, the water is pumped into the 30-foot by 35-foot outdoor pool and the smaller, hotter indoor pool. The outdoor pool is usually cooled to 98 degrees, while the 10-by-15-foot indoor plunge is kept around 105 degrees. Our new outdoor pool is kept around 103 degrees. It is a great place to visit with your friends while soaking away your cares.     

Pool Fees

Guests of the Spa Hot Springs Motel & Tenderfoot Cabins

swim for FREE

Complimentary pool towels are available for guests


General Public Pool Fees:

Adults (18+) - $10

Seniors (65 years+) - $9

13-17 years old - $9

6-12 years old - $8

3-5 years old - $5

Under 3 years old - $3

Unlimited day use, 10x swim passes, and yearly passes are available for a discounted fee.


Towels - $1

Suits - $1

Locks - $1

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Pool Fees
750_4356 (2).JPG
Natural Mineral Hot Springs Water

New Outdoor Pool

103 degrees

Outdoor Pool

98 degrees

Indoor Pool

105 degrees

Aqua Aerobics

Group aqua aerobics is offered seasonally

every Fall and Spring for 8 weeks each season. 4 classes each week and

2 days per week.

Morning Class

10-11 am

Evening Class

6-7 pm


Free for hotel guests and open to the public (pool admission fee required)


The Water

Analysis of the Water

Chloride 184 ppm
Sulfate 301 ppm
Bicarbonate 830 ppm
Nitrate trace
Lithium trace
Sodium 504 ppm

Potassium 504 ppm
Magnesium 12 ppm
Calcium 45 ppm
Iron 4 ppm

Alumina 4 ppm
Silica 44 ppm

*ppm = parts per million

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