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For over 30 years, owners Gene and Andreluz Gudmundson have been offering a healing and peaceful place for travelers and locals to relax and rejuvenate.


Gene was born and raised in Miles City, MT and left Montana to study to be a Chiropractor in Chicago, Illinois. He always dreamed of getting back to Montana and have his practice here. While visiting his home state in the late 80's, he stopped in White Sulphur Springs and stayed the night at the Spa Hot Springs.  He found out that the hot springs was for sale. Gene knew that the hot springs would offer his clients something special to benefit their bodies with the minerals and warmth it provides. So he bought the place and has owned it ever since. Gene practiced for 2over 30 years before retiring in 2016.


In 2006, Gene married Andreluz, a registered nurse and a fitness instructor from the Philippines. She took over managing the place as he was still treating patients. They put in a whole lot of work and required a lot of patience to get this place how as it is now.

The Gudmundson's embraced the history and importance of the springs to this valley and have captured the natural beauty of the area within the murals that surround the pools.

They have added new rooms and a new pool over the years and purchased the Tenderfoot Cabins across the street in 2018. They welcome you to come and stay in the Valley of Peace, enjoy the healing powers of the waters, and experience all of the recreation and history that the area has to offer.

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Alternative Energy

We believe in thinking globally and acting locally. We use our natural resources to provide your comfort, but we do it in a way that is not harmful to the environment. We strive to be a model of clean energy consumption and better business for the future.

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